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Since the Manyo era in Japan “Unagi (eel)” was Nihon-Unagi (Anguilla japonica)

“Nihon-Unagi (Anguilla japonica)”

There are various types of “Unagi (eel)”, from 15 to 18 existing types in the world such as “American”, “European”, “Japonica” etc. Among the variations, “Nihon-Unagi (Anguilla japonica)” has been traditionally eaten by Japanese people since ancient times. Our store continues this tradition and only uses “Nihon-Unagi (Anguilla japonica)”.

A precious 10% only! Highest quality “Aote”


Among the “Nihon-Unagi (Anguilla japonica)”, the “Aote” is said to be the finest quality, especially plump, has nice savory fat, soft flesh and thin skin. We go to aquaculture ponds one by one and carefully select and purchase “Aote” that is brought up in a less stressful environment. “Aote” is very rare, with only about 10% in the market, but at Tsukiji Unagi Daio we take pride to strive and secure “Aote” for our customers.

No.1 taste and flavor in Japan

“Japanese grape pepper”

The umami (savory taste) in Unagi (eel) comes from the “Lipid”. Lipid is often not welcomed, but unsaturated fatty acid of blue-backed fish like Unagi (eel) can improve brain function, reduce neutral fat, and with many vitamins and minerals is indeed a perfect nutritional food. To refresh your palate we offer a “Japanese grape pepper” made in Wakayama prefecture which we can say with pride is “No.1 taste and flavor in Japan” that matches greatly with our savory Unagi (eel).


From its large, bunch-like shape, this Japanese grape pepper bearing the name “grape” is carefully harvested by hand-picking one bunch at a time. Heating will destroy the flavor, therefore after drying the pepper it is milled carefully in a stone mill. The rich flavor of the Japanese grape pepper goes tremendously well with the lipid and volume of our Unagi (eel). Please enjoy together.